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August is one of the best known smart lock companies in the industry. What makes this one so much less expensive than the other August smart locks is that it doesn't come with internal Wi-Fi or even a Wi-Fi bridge. As long as you're near enough for your phone's Bluetooth to interact with the lock, you'll be able to open and close this device using the August app. If you really want to, you can purchase the August Wi-Fi Bridge separately, which will allow you to interact with the lock from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet. The bridge also makes it compatible with smart home devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The lock is installed on the interior, and while bulky on the inside, you won't be able to tell that a smart lock is even locksmith service in Boise & surrounding areas installed on your front door when looking at your house from the street. Using the August app, you'll be able to adjust your settings, give out keys to guests so they can access your home, or track any unlock activity associated with your door.

Another key feature is being able to set up auto-lock and unlocking. Basically, the lock can detect when your phone approaches the door and when it leaves and changes it's lock positioning accordingly. This feature can be helpful if you're coming home with a large load of groceries and don't want to fumble for your keys or your phone.

Turning your abode into a smart home isn't an easy process, especially when it comes to your wallet. Fortunately, now that automating your home is no longer a novel concept, there are many reasonably priced smart devices out there for you to upgrade your home with. We've gathered together a list of the best cheap smart locks like the August Smart Lock (3rd Gen). See which ones catch your eye.
Best Overall:
August Smart Lock (3rd Gen)
Best Design:
Hornbill Smart Deadbolt
Best Pinpad:
Kwikset Smart Code 888
Best Value:
Wyze Lock WLCKG1
Best Built-in Alarm:
Schlage Camelot Connect
Easy to install:
Reagle Smart Lock
Best Fingerprint Reader:
Ultraloq UL3
Ultraloq U-Bolt

Best Design: Hornbill Smart Deadbolt

This is the latest model from Hornbill. It sports a sleek pinpad design and installs in place of your current deadbolt. Family members can either type in their specific code to enter the house or can whip out their phones and use the Hornbill app in conjunction with Bluetooth to control the device. As with the locks which one the best August Smart Lock, this one doesn't include built-in Wi-Fi. However, homeowners can purchase the Hornbill Wi-Fi bridge if they decide they want to be able to control the smart lock from anywhere.

You'll notice that two metal prongs stick out from beneath the key slot. That's there in case the batteries die while you're out. If you hold a 9-volt battery to that spot, the device will have enough power for you to type in your code or use your phone to unlock the bolt. It's a nice little safety feature.

As far as installation goes, it should only take you about 20 minutes to get this device installed on your door. There are handy instructions to help you with the process. Once installed, you'll be able to check the lock's history and adjust the settings via the app.

Best Pinpad: Kwikset Smart Code 888

The Kwikset Smart Code 888 is yet another well-priced smart lock. It sports a pinpad and has a relatively simple design, which makes it stand out much less than some other smart locks out there. It does have the potential to work with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but as with the other products in this article, you'll need to purchase a hub in order to make that work. When the hub is in place, you'll be able to open the lock using your app, the pinpad, or your key.

Choose from the three color options to best match your door. You can even upgrade to the Smart Lock Keypad + Handleset if you want your lock and door handle to perfectly match colors. Just note that there is no battery life indicator on this device, so you'll need to pay attention to the battery on your own.

Best Value: Wyze Lock WLCKG1

The Wyze Lock WLCKG1 is one of the only smart locks on this list to come with a Wi-Fi hub. This means that you'll be able to control the lock from anywhere or control it using a smart assistant. Considering how little this device costs, this is a great deal just on that feature alone. You can adjust the locks you can get them from Boise locksmith settings in the Wyze app. The unit can even be set to auto-lock when you leave the house and auto-unlock when you come back home.

If you don't want to replace your current deadbolt, then you'll be happy to know that this one gets put in place over your existing hardware. That means you'll still be able to use your original keys and deadbolt to access the house. It is a little bulky and doesn't have the prettiest design. However, it will definitely get the job done without costing an arm and a leg.

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