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Everyone strives to protect their homes and property from attacks by intruders so reliable locks are as important today as they were hundreds of years ago. Experts recommend to deal with this issue in a complex that is reliable doors should be protected by a reliable lock. Therefore, the quality of the door is a significant factor in its reliability. After all simple wooden doors and MDF doors do not pretend to be strong at all and Chinese doors made of thin metal only create the appearance of protection. As of today the most reliable door blocks are made from rolled steel. Let's try to figure out which lock is the most reliable. All modern locks are divided into categories of resistance for breaking there are only 4 of them.


It should be said that there are absolutely not operable locks do not exist and doesn't matter how many designers complicate locking for locksmith tutorial  devices there are other specialists who can solve these puzzles. Based on this the level of reliability is determined by the time it takes the river robber to open the lock and the level of noise produced during this. This means that the higher the difficulty level the more time it will take to penetrate to the house and the more noise will be made.
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The first and second categories include locking mechanisms which can be opened within 5 minutes or a little bit more. They are recommended to be installed on interior doors or in rooms of that have no value.

The third category is characterized by more complex mechanisms that can be opened by robbers in 10 or more minutes. These devices can be installed on the entrance doors of apartments under protection since the time from the signal is enough for the security officers to arrive.

The fourth category. Locks of this category meet the highest security requirements since breaking them will require more than half an hour and considerable effort. Therefore, such locks installed on modern durable metal doors serve as a serious obstacle even for a professional locksmith. Although experts still recommend concluding an agreement with a security agency.


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According to the installation method, the locks are padlock, mortise and overhead.

Mounted ones are usually not used in houses and apartments because no matter how many codes the lock possesses it is easy to deal with it with the help of a mount or pipe trimming. Therefore, these mechanisms protect utility and utility rooms, garages and sheds.

Overheads are most often installed on a wooden doors sometimes metal indoors. They are locked with a key on the outside and a rotary handle from the inside.

Mortise locking mechanisms are most in demand for metal door structures as they are mounted inside the blade which ensures the secrecy of their installation, increases security and does not ruins the door design.


Electronic locks. They belong to the most expensive and protected group since they lack a keyhole and use a magnetic card or fob or a keypad as a key.
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Cylinder. Today it keeps the leading position in demand and popularity. Its key is a high level of secrecy the ease of replacing the secret lockout Boise mechanism and its standard sizes. That allows not to change the whole mechanism when the lock breaks but only its central part - the cylinder. Typically, the leading brands in the manufacture of locks adhere to the Euro standard so the lock cylinders of one brand are easily replaced by another. The ease of replacement is both a plus and a minus of the design since an attacker can also simply pull it out. To protect against unwinding and bumping, armored pads are used.

The leverage mechanism is considered the most durable it is impossible to knock it out and break it but depending on the number of code plates it is possible to open it with master keys. The more Suva is used in the device the more difficult is the hacking procedure. For greater security hardware manufacturers offer special tabs and patch plates.


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Today, the locks of Italian factories MOTTURA, CISA, German cylinders DOM, Israeli MUL-T-LOCK and a number of well-known brands have the highest level of protection. If you have problems with the old lock or you need to pick up the locking devices to the new door - use the services of Idaho Locksmith company. We have a wide selection of reliable and high-quality locks of famous manufacturers. Our experts will help replace an outdated or broken lock with a new one or pick up a more secure cylinder.

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