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Even the most reliable doors with a strong protected door frame can be opened by intruders if it have weakness space. These include locks, which often serve as a weak barrier for experienced robbers. According to law enforcement agencies, modern robbers prefer mechanical opening of locks by breaking out or drilling, and only a small percentage want to mess around with master keys.
In order quickly break out or drill a heart in a cylinder lock, the criminal needs free access to its heart and mechanisms also become available locksmith Meridian for drilling, but in other place of the lock. This means that cylinder and level lock types are equally needed for protection against vandal-based hacking methods, as manufacturers do not provide it for low and medium price range products.
Therefore, if your lock belongs to this category, you should take care of purchasing armor plates that will significantly complicate access to the lock and potentially stop attacker.
There are two types of armored pads overhead and mortise, the method of their installation and use depends on few things.

Types And Purpose Of Accessories

External armor plates. These are security elements made of especially durable types of metal designed to protect the lock from barbaric methods of opening. It is fixed on the outside of the door with screws passing through the door leaf. Which contributes to their vulnerability, since they can locksmith Meridian emergency simply be knocked down, although the robber will have to spend additional time and effort on this. Such pads are mainly used to protect cylinder locks from various mechanical types of hacking.

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When choosing this hardware, you should pay attention to the shape of the lining - it should be conical, since in this case the blow is sliding and does not reach the desired strength and accuracy. Some models are equipped with a rotating disc for reliability, which prevents the possibility of drilling. Important aspects of reliability are the quality of the material used by the manufacturer and the correct installation.
Important! When installing the outer linings, you must not violate the main rule - the accessories must be recessed. Only in this case, you can count on reliable protection of the locking mechanism, because in order to bring down such a part you need to have increased tenacity.

The internal appearance of the armor plates is considered to be more reliable, since they are fixed in the gap between the metal skin and the body of the locking device inside the door. Since the details of the protection fastening are not visible from the outside, it will become an digital door lock market  expected and serious obstacle for the criminal. The main requirement for such an overlay is the quality of the metal used, it must have high resistance for drilling. This hardware serves as reliable protection for cylinder and level locks in equal measure.

Advantages Of Application Of Reserved Bags

The installation of protective fittings guarantees, if not absolute security for locks, then serves as a very serious obstacle for breaking, as the time spent to break it is enough for the police to arrive.
Armor plates and plates prevent drilling of the secret part of the mechanism.
Correct installation of the linings prevents the possibility of knocking out the larva.
In addition to the main function, the pads also serve as a decorative addition.

The installation of protective fittings should be trusted to specialists who will do this in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer.
It is advisable to purchase protective fittings together with locksmith Meridian Idaho a locking mechanism for simultaneous installation, which should be carried out by qualified and experienced craftsmen of specialized companies.

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