Lock For The Inside Door

On the shelves of stores, there is a wide selection of locks of different manufacturers, designs, and sizes. However, before buying a lock for the interior door you should decide which type of lock suits you best and understand a little about the features of the offered types of locks, locking mechanism divided into 4 categories.

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The Lock With A Clamp

This model range has a high price and complicated installation method. Usually, it used for rooms in which no one shouldn't get inside from the outside. These include restrooms, offices, and bedrooms. A characteristic feature of the mechanism is a flat rectangular case with square holes for attaching the handle and retainer. On such models, push-button or rotary latches are used, they lock the door from the inside of the room, blocking access from outside.
The lock with a key. Externally, the device is similar to the previous version, only instead of the hole for the lock, there is a keyhole and a key that opens and closes on either side. Such structures are mounted in the doors of offices, balconies, bedrooms. As in the first case, the installation requires certain knowledge, skills, and special tools.

Fit For The Door

Locks that belong to the category of the simplest mechanisms are distinguished by a simple installation that does not require special skills. It is actuated by turning or pressing the handle.
Magnetic device. It is a modern version of the latch, where two magnets mounted on the door and door frame serve as locking elements. The mutual attraction provides a snug fit for the door fix.
Such mechanisms are appropriate in kitchens, living rooms, and children's rooms, where you only need to keep the door closed.

Criteria Of Choice

One of the main factors in the choice of locking system is its purpose it should be taken into account in which room the lock should be installed. For rooms with shared access, It is advisable to use the simplest options for action and installation - these are latches and magnetic options. In rooms where outsiders access is not desirable locks with a keypad or key are installed.
The material of manufacture checks our blog. An important condition for the long-term operation of locking devices is the material of manufacture. The use of inappropriate materials is committed by manufacturers offering the cheapest products reducing costs due to the quality of the materials.


Experts recommend not choosing cheap products online as they are known for increased fragility and other problems. For rooms with high humidity, brass structures are most suitable.

Trademark(™). When choosing you should give preference to products of manufacturers with a well-known name that already gained the trust of consumers. Well-known brands offer a wide range of products that differ
Reliability and durability so you will not think about replacing locks for a long time.
Starting to search for a suitable locking mechanism try to use the recommendations and the information received by the specialist. This will make it possible to choose the most suitable option for your door.

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The suppliers of the locksmith Boise near me Idaho company provide a wide range of locks of various designs, purposes, sizes, and brands. Therefore, choosing the right option is not that difficult. If you need you can seek advice from our employees of the company by our phone number and order the selected model and installation.

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