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Caring for the safety of your home? Probably you already bought a reliable metal door and now thinking about installing a lock. A quality solution to this issue depends on two key factors: the correct choice of the lock and proper installation. Today it’s not an issue to choose a good locking mechanism, since online stores and specialized lock installation and replacement companies offer a wide range of lock products from leading world and domestic manufacturers.
Why to change lock? before choosing you should decide on the type of construction you are interested in. For metal doors, locks of three types of structures are used such as cylinder, lever and electronic.


It is important to know that only locks of 3-4 reliability classes are suitable for this type of doors the first two classes can be installed on doors of smaller premises. If the package does not indicate the reliability class at all, they should simply be ignored.

Lock types

Cylinder. It belongs to the most common and popular category, this is due to the design features. The locking part of the mechanism is a cylinder or larva, which in all locks of this type has a standard shape and size. Easy level of replacement explains the popularity of this design. A cylinder is a set of code pins set in a specific position that exactly matches the key configuration. The easiness of replacement is good and a bad of the mechanism, since the robber will not have much difficulty breaking it out. Locks of a high class of reliability are protected from breaking out by an armored tab.


This design represents a mechanism whose secrecy is ensured by a set of plates (Suva) of a special configuration. This is a strong and reliable device, however, due to the large size of the well, it is available for opening with master keys. Therefore, high-end models are equipped with special protection in the form of false grooves and cuts on the levers, tabs and patch plates.
Electronic. They belong to locksmith Boise the most expensive and protected category, since they do not have keyholes and can be unlocked with fob keys, using the remote control, dialing a specific code, or by scanning a fingerprint.
In addition, locking devices are divided into overhead and mortise. For metal doors, the second mortise option is usually used, as this ensures the secrecy of the installation and does not spoil the appearance of the door.

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Installing Locks For Metal Door

If most men can independently mount locking mechanisms in a wooden door, then for a metal one a set of special tools, the ability to own them and installation skills are required. Mortise mechanisms are available in two options such as the lock bar is installed on the end of the door and secretly when only the crossbars are visible. In the first case, you can still take a chance with your own installation, in the second, you should call a specialist.
The installation process is quite time-consuming and requires special skills, since the tie-in and fastening must be done professionally and aesthetically.
Why should you trust to install the lock to the one of locksmith Idaho technician?
The company's website provides a wide range of locking systems of various designs produced by leading world and domestic brands.

In the catalog you will find products in a different price range, so choosing a locking system by design and price is not difficult.
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