How You Can Protect You Home Before Vacation

Going to vacation? Are you planning a trip around the world or want to leave for a few days? Take care of the safety of your home in advance!
According to statistics, most apartment thefts occur precisely during the period of a long absence of homeowners.

How to protect yourself

Statistic shows that thieves are more often attracted to objects located in "Bad" areas. Private households, apartments in high-rise buildings without a concierge. The recommendations below seem clear and simple. But because of carelessness, due to lack of time or money, many neglect them.
Invite a specialist who will check the condition of key nodes. Eliminate existing breakdowns or replace the old locking system with the current one. Do not spend money on the purchase of the camera, if before that it was not installed locksmith Boise Idaho on the landing. The fact of its appearance will attract the attention of unreliable neighbors and will give and idea that you are hiding something valuable.
It is enough to install a reinforced locking system a couple of weeks before the expected date of vacation. Which one is right for you - a professional will tell you. It is desirable that two type of locks installed on the door, a level and cylinder type.

Electromagnetically modifications also have the right to be, but their implementation is not always justified.
Durable should be not only a lock. If the entrance you can download Locksmith Boise Idaho SSN Lock Emergency lock is easily opened with a “can opener”, there could be no any security. A sturdy armor plate protects against force breaking methods. Do not forget about the additional protection of locks: armor plates and plates that increase the level of resistance to breaking.
In some cases, it is smart to contact the security company and connect the living room to the console security.

Additional Measures

In order to relax on your vacation and know that your property safe we recommend.
Not to notify a wide circle of people about the upcoming absence, do not post photos from the resort on social media until you return home, ask relatives occasionally in the evening drop by your home and to turn on the lights in the house, leave the copy of the key only to a locksmith Idaho service in Boise  reliable friend (in case of a water leaking or any accident).
When you are back make sure to visually assess the condition of the door. If scratches appeared around the keyholes some one was probably trying to get inside. Replace the current lock immediately.

We offer services of evaluating the level of protection of locking mechanisms of various types, we will carry out:

  • Repair
  • Upgrade
  • Installation
dismantle of insolvent with the subsequent installation of lock.

Our employees have many years of experience in self-improvement and personal growth in the locksmith field. They know the pros and cons of lock devices, always tracking new key stuck inside trends and put them into practice. High professionalism and personal responsibility are a guarantee of an excellent result. To cooperate with us means to be confident in the future.
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