How To Protect Yourself From Robbery

The potential danger of robbery of apartment or a private house always exists. Therefore, the main concern of the people is the protection of their housing. To make it inaccessible to attackers, armored doors and locks of the latest design are installed. However, thieves are not asleep, they carefully study the new developments choose locksmith company of manufacturers, select methods of opening and the necessary tools.

In addition, on the internet pages you can find people who want to share many ways to open locks of different systems. Therefore, knowledge of the methods used by scammers and your personal vigilance will become important security conditions.

What Kinds Of Hacking Happen

Opening the lock with a selection of keys or master keys. This is the most common method, after which there are no signs of opening on doors and locks and it is extremely difficult for insurance companies to prove the theft. Lock picks Boise are easy to pick for locks with few combinations. To complicate the task of the thief in this case, you can install a second lock. It is important that they be of different types and have the maximum number of combinations. A special kind of keyhole and key profile limits the penetration of other keys and the possibility of counterfeiting.


Hacking is used by criminals no less often. This is a noisier option, therefore it is often used in private houses and if vigilant and curious neighbors do not live in the neighboring apartment. It is usually carried out by drilling or knocking out larvae. To protect cylinder locks, armored pads are used, steel pins or balls are mounted inside the larva, which interfere with the drilling of the mechanism.

How To Protect The Entrance Door From Hacking

First you need to take care of the strength and reliability of the door itself. If you still have hollow doors, you should immediately take care of replacing them. Since the material used for such doors is rather flimsy and does not require much effort to crack. These products should be selected from hardwood or metal.

Be sure to pay attention to the fact that they open outward, since in this case it is almost impossible to knock out. It is advisable to install doors without glass that are completely opaque and durable. The door frame also requires attention. It should be made of durable material and securely fastened around the perimeter, so it will be difficult to break it out.

For security, it is correct to install two types of locks on the door. Be sure to use a deadbolt that must be secured without screws and screws visible from the outside. The sliding shutter should enter the opening by locksmith Boise Idaho more than 2.6 cm. You can protect the lock cylinder from knocking out and drilling by patch plates or rotating rings that will not allow you to unscrew the core using a pipe wrench.

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