How To Open Lock When Key Stuck Inside

Arriving home from work, to be in front of a closed-door is very unpleasant, but quite often a situation. The situation when it is not possible to open the door lock with its own key often happens. Even the most high-quality mechanisms eventually fail for a number of reasons, however, before this happens, they send us signs of an impending breakdown. Therefore, if the key stops turning freely, wait for an impending problem of how to open the lock or clean the mechanism. You can do this yourself or call the locksmith. But if the key is already stuck in the well or jammed the lock, you have to do something.
For this, it’s important to understand what happened to it.


How To Open Lock Back Door open by locksmith inside
How To Open Lock Back Door open by locksmith inside

Several reasons why it can happen:

  • Dust, dirt, metal chips or rust formed in the mechanism.
  • The damaged key for misuse.
  • Someone tried to open the door with a poor-quality duplicate or a screwdriver.
  • Foreign objects are in the well.
  • Swelling or skewing of the door leaf.

The simplest solution is to ask for the help of the locksmith Idaho company or your friend who is familiar with locksmith Meridian Idaho this matter. However, when it’s after midnight and there’s no one to call, you’ll have to do it yourself.

How To Open Lock?

In addition to the listed options, jamming may be caused by incorrect removal of the key. The key in apartment locks is usually inserted and removed in only one position, so if it was pulled out in a hurry in another, it latches incorrectly. Accordingly, when opening the key is not fully inserted. In this case, there is an interesting and easy way that locksmith Meridian Idaho emergency you can use without outside help. In this way, in the past, “housekeepers” often opened any doors.

How To Open Lock Back Door open by locksmith
How To Open Lock Back Door open by locksmith

The key how to open lock must be inserted into the well until it stops and hit it with moderate effort. You can use any solid object for this: hammer, stone, shoe heel, the main thing is not to overdo it. When the key is fully inserted, turn it and the door is open.

If someone was trying to break your lock the could leave foreign objects in the well, you will have to patiently tinker with removing them. To do this, you can use two thin wires with which to remove debris from the well.
The jammed latch can be opened using thin, flat, and flexible objects, it can be a knife, a metal ruler, a plastic card. To do this, the conditional knife must be inserted between the door and the box, tilted towards the handle with a knife, push the latch and pull the door (if it opens outwards). In other cases, you will need some tools and wd-40. But it is more reliable to call a master locksmith Eagle Idaho who will cope with any kind of lock without unpleasant consequences for the door.

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How To Open Back Door open by locksmith
How To Open Lock Back Door open by locksmith

For the lock to serve for a long time and in good condition, it needs periodic cleaning and lubrication. You can do this yourself or call the locksmith. In any situation, how to open lock related to your lock contact our company and you will certainly get quick and qualified help. You can fill an application online on our website or by using our contact numbers.

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